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Ochokochoi, a service of YuzuTen LLC, uses cookies to identify signed in users, and to track activity on this site.

By using this site, you agree to allow us to use cookies to enable personalization, login, and analysis of activity on this site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are generally small pieces of text or data that are stored on your computer when you visit a web site. Generally, a cookie is associated with a specific domain name, and has a set of keys, each associated with a value that may represent an communication session, and user id, or, in some cases, personal information or user activity.

What do we use cookies for?

We primarily use cookies to associate logged in users with their accounts on this web site. A session ID may still be stored in a cookie even when you’re visiting parts of the site that do not require login.

Why do we need to use cookies?

Without cookies, it would be necessary for you to enter your password every time you visited a different page on our site. Cookies are the simplest way of maintaining a connection between you and the site you’re visiting.

While there are alternatives to cookies, most of them have some pretty unpleasant tradeoffs, including making it difficult to share URLs with your friends in a secure way.

Cookies allow us to personalize the service for your needs, to keep your private information private, and to share the information you want to share with us.

We also use cookies to detect and fight abuse, activities that violate Ochokochoi.com’s Terms of Use.

Do we use third party cookies?

In some cases, features for social login (logging in from Facebook or Twitter, for example), sharing (including posting to Facebook or Twitter), and site traffic analytics tools (Google Analytics) result in third party cookies being created in response to your activity on the site.

To learn more about how these cookies affect you, please visit the cookie policy information for third party sites with which we have integrated.