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Before you can make a pledge, we need you to sign up! That way we can send the right information to our payment gateway, and send you updates as the big choice is made, as well as make sure you get access to any premiums you're entitled to as a result of your pledge.

Don't worry, we don't collect much more than a name, an email and a password, and some of your Facebook and Twitter information if you let us. Any payment information goes straight to Stripe. (We don't keep any of that stuff because lawyers).

You may use your real name or a nickname here. We don't care. Keep in mind this will be visible to the public when you make a pledge. In the future when we support creating campaigns, this name will likely also be shown there.

The only time we need your real name is when sending information to a payment provider, which is information we don't store in our own systems at this time.

Email Preferences

May we send you occasional messages about what's new on We'll do our best to keep it interesting, but if you ever get annoyed with us you can come right back here and turn off future messages.

Please note we default email subscriptions to off because we think it's polite (and outside the US it's often the law) but we'd really appreciate it if you sign up.

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